Monday, September 23, 2013

Tom Werner, Hotchkiss '67, producing a show with LeBron James on Starz

Tom Werner, a fellow prep-school graduate from Hotchkiss '67, and prolific producer has teamed up none other than the King himself, LeBron James, among other showbiz friends Mike O'Malley and Paul Wachter to develop a comedy series titled Survivor's Remorse that will air on the Starz network. The show is about the complexity and drama that comes comes with "making it out". The half-hour show will depict the lives of two men from the streets, their rise to fame - one of which is in the NBA - and how they deal with their friends and families.

We'll be watching...


Monday, September 9, 2013


Alas, another summer has come to its conclusion. While the rest of the world hasn't skipped a beat as the summer months lull over as nothing more than the same-ol' same-ol', thousands of middle school graduates have been been anxiously awaiting this week. This is the first week of classes for most of our beloved Prep Schools - Welcome class of 2017! Remember your first day of boarding school?

Andover - 236th class
Exeter - 233rd class
Deerfield - 217th class
Lawrenceville - 204th class
St. Paul's School - 160th class
Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) - 135th class
Hotchkiss - 123rd class
Choate - 124th class

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gender Debate Engulfs Andover

My alma mater, making the New York Times, about gender roles on campus.


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Elizabeth Denny, Lawrenceville '02, Opens an Art Gallery in NYC

Elizabeth Denny, Lawrenceville '02, recently opened her own art gallery - rightfully named Denny Gallery. Located at 261 Broome Street, the work on display specializes in works by emerging and mid-career artists.

Elizabeth graduated with a B.A. in art history from London's Courtauld Institute of Art and, later, an M.A. in modern, 20th century and contemporary art from Columbia University.

From the gallery's website:

Denny Gallery is a contemporary art gallery established by Elizabeth Denny. The gallery specializes in work by emerging and mid-career artists whose practices are interdisciplinary, process-oriented, aware of their social and institutional contexts, and engaged with contemporary issues, materials and technologies. The gallery also provides art advisory services to individuals and companies.

Jury Awards $41.7M to Hotchkiss Student Disabled on School Trip to China

A jury awarded $41.7 million to a woman who sued her prestigious boarding school after contracting a tick-borne illness on a school trip to China that left her unable to speak and brain damaged.

The federal jury in Bridgeport ruled Wednesday in favor of Cara Munn, 20, in her lawsuit against The Hotchkiss School, a private school in Lakeville. The school said it would appeal.

Munn, of New York City, was a ninth-grader at Hotchkiss when she joined a school-supervised trip to China during the summer of 2007, according to her lawsuit. The then-15-year-old suffered insect bites that led to tick-borne encephalitis, her attorneys said.

The school failed to ensure that the students take any precautions against ticks and allowed them to walk through a densely wooded area known to be a risk area for tick-borne encephalitis and other tick- and insect-transmitted illnesses, her attorneys said.

   "Hotchkiss failed to take basic safety precautions to protect the minor children in its care," Munn's attorney Antonio Ponvert III said. "I hope that this case will help alert all schools who sponsor overseas trips for minors that they need to check the CDC for disease risks in the areas where they will be travelling, and that they must advise children in their care to use repellant and wear proper clothing when necessary. Cara's injuries were easily preventable."
   Attorneys for the school argued that tick-borne encephalitis is such a rare disease that it could not have foreseen a risk and could not be expected to warn Munn or require her to use protection against it.
Hotchkiss officials said they remain very saddened by Munn's illness and hope for improvements to her health.
   "We care deeply about all our students," the school said in a statement. "We make every effort to protect them, whether they are here or participating in a school-sponsored activity off-campus. We put great care and thought into planning and administering off-campus programs, and we extend the same care to students on these trips as to students on campus."
   Historically, Hotchkiss students have undertaken study, service projects and travel in the United States and throughout the world and derived great benefit from the opportunities, the school said.
The case lasted eight days, and the jury deliberated for about eight hours before returning their verdict. - AP

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Monday, October 8, 2012

Patrick Meggers, Loomis '09, Sets Coast Guard Academy Football Record

Pat Meggers, Loomis '09, was named as Coast Guard Academy's Co-Athlete of the week for his role in the record-breaking 59-0 win over the Fitchburg State Bears on 9/29. He set multiple records including a 96-yard touchdown pass, set up by his roommate Jon Resch, and 7 receptions for 211 receiving yards. The previous school record for longest pass play was set in 1998 for 88 yards.

Friday, August 31, 2012

Taylor Swift disappears with Deerfield junior

Taylor Swift is dating a Kennedy - Conor Kennedy Deerfield '14 to be exact. She reportedly sent a plane to get him from school earlier this month. Luckily, Deerfield doesn't have any rules against eloping. I won't go into detail as this isn't the forum for such tabloid discussion,  but I couldn't let this one slide.

Way to go, Deerfield.

Conor Kennedy, Deerfield '14