Saturday, December 10, 2011

New Prep School to join the ranks in NYC elite prep school

With co-heads that have helped Hotchkiss and Exeter reach their potential, a new elite private school is being chartered in NYC. This new $40,000-a-year for-profit school aspires to reach far beyond its enclosing walls and even beyond it's country's borders as its CEO, Chris Whittle, plans to start identical schools in 20 other major cities. These schools will begin educating early, at the age of 3, as it shapes and molds its students to be worldly bi-lingual -even tri-lingual- superstars. The appeal for the school is that all of the schools will be on an identical curriculum and will allow families who relocate (ie for work) to have seamlessly continue their child's education.

It is a powerful and large scale operation, but as we've seen the cost of education skyrocket over the last decade, we ask if it's necessary?

The school has raised over $75 million from private equity firms and is scheduled to open its doors next Fall 2012.

Tyler Tingley, former Phillips Exeter Academy head of school.
Robert "Skip" Mattoon, former Hotchkiss and Deerfield Academy head of school.

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