Friday, December 9, 2011

Sports Report: Fall 2011

Hotchkiss Girl's Field Hockey Continues their 10th Year as Champions
After being scoreless in regular time, #1 Hotchkiss and #5 Taft were forced into over time- then another- and another- until Hotchkiss scored and ended the 3rd OT for semifinal play. The finals were textbook, #1 seed Hotchkiss against #2 seed Greenwich Academy where the Hotchkiss girls proved their excellence in a 2-1 victory for their 10th year in a row. This is a dynasty is in the making.
Hotchkiss' season record: 14-0
Here are the results

Andover Girls' Volleyeball Successfully Defend Their Title Against Choate
Being second seed in a match up gives you a leg up on the first seed as you are not expected to win and have something to prove. The #2 Andover girls' volleyball team proved themselves worthy in an undefeated run to the finish. They defeated Exeter in the quarterfinals, then powered through St. Pauls in the semis, and finally dethroning #1 Choate as top dog - all with a 3-0 record.
Andover's season record: 14-3-0
Here are the results

Hotchkiss Boys' Soccer Shuts Out Andover for the Championship
After a heart stopping semifinal match-up between #2 Hotchkiss and #3 Taft, Hotchkiss came out on top in overtime. Next up, Hotchkiss and #4 Andover went to Northfield Mount Hermon (NMH) where Hotchkiss took home the championship in a 2-0 shutout over Andover.
Hotchkiss' season record: 13-3-1 
Here are the results

Worcester Academy Girls' Soccer Defeats Loomis Chaffee
After shutting out #7 Greenwich Academy 4-0 in the quarterfinals, #2 Worcester Academy went on to beat #6 Exeter in a PK shootout. While that semifinal matchup had a PK, Andover and Loomis were in OT where Loomis proved to be the victor. In the finals, #4 Loomis and Worcester rallied goals. Loomis failed to connect and Worcester took the win, 2-1, capping off their undefeated season.
Worcester Academy's season record: 13-0-4
Here are the results

Exeter Boys' Cross Country Named Champions
Here are the results

Nobles Girls' Cross Country Persevere for the Win
Here are the results

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