Thursday, January 5, 2012

Happiness From Every Corner

Scott Crabtree, Andover '84, shares his insight that happiness is not only contagious but also productive. He uses Andover's two Latin mottos, Non Sibi (Not for oneself) and Finish Origine Pendet (The end depends on the beginning), as an example of how these can help startups and other companies to create a positive work environment. Sidenote: These are also the mottoes of Exeter.
Various studies have shown that happiness increases productivity. A 2009 study by A.J. Oswald, E. Proto, and D. Sgori for example found a 12% boost in productivity due to increased happiness. Those who work not for oneself in your office will be significantly more productive than those who are more self-focused.
So go on and be happy.

For more on happiness and startup culture.

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