Monday, January 9, 2012

The Winter Classic: Lawrenceville vs. The Hill

Long time rivals Lawrenceville and The Hill School went head-to-head at Citzens Bank Park in Philadelphia only a few days after the ESPN Winter Classic game (Rangers vs Flyers). The two teams skated to a dramatic 2-2 finish of regulation time with Big Red, Lawrenceville, leading the entire way. Big
Red led the game until the Rams pulled their goalie and scored twice in the final minute (56", 2.8").

"It was just contract stuff," Bilodeau, the Lawrenceville head coach said. "We had the ice contracted for two hours."

There was, however, a shootout where Big Red saw success again and buried 4 shots, while the Rams only scored once. Despite the shootout, the game will go down as a tie.

Here is an image capturing Lawrenceville tying up the score with just 2.8 seconds to go:

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